Systemic Family Constellation in Victoria, Nanaimo, Vancouver, British Columbia, Toronto,Canada

Systemic Constellation

Systemic Constellation  allows to significantly simplify and ease personal and relational problem resolution, through clear understanding of which actions create difficulties and which bring wellbeing and personal growth. By understanding the underlying patterns of your family dynamics, you can dramatically improve your life and  increase your happiness.

My constellation offerings

I am working with clients on an individual basis online via ZOOM or Skype.  This private one-on-one session is generally 1,5 hour in length and cost 140 USD.

Get to know me a little before you book a constellation and see if I’m the right fit with a 30-minute phone consultation via WhatsApp or Zoom.

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If you experience in your life 
  • Difficult relationship with parents. You avoid them or spend too much time with them.
  • Lack of intimacy, trust and understanding in a relationship with a man / woman
  • Want to end a previous relationship with a partner
  • Business or your career  is not successful
  • Your projects don’t get off the ground
  • Fatigue, lack of energy in your life , as if you have been de-energized for several years or less
  • It is difficult to cope with outbursts of anger, aggression, irritation
  • Resentment / loneliness / pain / fear / insecurity / heaviness / guilt / shyness
  • Psychological and systemic problems associated with being overweight
  • Fear of speaking in public or talking to clients
  • Difficulties in achieving goals and desires
  • There is no trust in people, the world, life

I invite you to experience a different approach to life’s challenges that doesn’t involve your logical mind. It will help you to unravel these challenges, and to embark up on the journey to a truly happy and fulfilled you.

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about facilitator

My name is Ekaterina Kosorukova

I am a trained Systemic Constellation Facilitator  with a background in coaching, somatic, counselling systemic approaches.

I received my Family Constellation Facilitator training under Elena Veselago and my Systemic Structural Constellations (SySt) training with Matthias Varga von Kibéd. I further benefitted from leaning Systemic Ritual with  Daan Van Kompenkhaut, constellation Ego-Systems with Christine Blumenstein-Essen, Autopoietic family and system constellations with Siegfried Essen, Shadow Constellation with Nir Esterman.

I keep leaning Systemic Family Constellation Work under the International Systemic Constellation training and I am grateful to my ancestors,  guides and my teachers for supporting me to offer you the blessing of Systemic Constellation.   

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