Family Constellation & Coaching in Victoria, Nanaimo, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

The main aim of Family Constellation is to connect the person with a powerful opportunity to go through life freely, with pleasure and satisfaction. This approach allows to significantly simplify and ease personal and relational problem resolution, through clear understanding of which actions create difficulties and which bring wellbeing and personal growth. By understanding the underlying patterns of your family dynamics, you can dramatically improve your life and  increase your happiness.

More over Family constellation work enhances the effects, takes any work, healing to the deepest level, to be the most effective and provide transformation faster.

I am working on an individual basis in English and in Russian (

I do Family constellation for the following issues
  • Difficult relationship with parents. You avoid them or spend too much time with them.
  • Lack of intimacy, trust and understanding in a relationship with a man / woman
  • Want to end a previous relationship with a partner
  • Business or your career  is not successful
  • Your projects don’t get off the ground
  • Fatigue, lack of energy in your life , as if you have been de-energized for several years or less
  • It is difficult to cope with outbursts of anger, aggression, irritation
  • Resentment / loneliness / pain / fear / insecurity / heaviness / guilt / shyness
  • Psychological and systemic problems associated with being overweight
  • Fear of speaking in public or talking to clients
  • Difficulties in achieving goals and desires
  • There is no trust in people, the world, life
When you are ready I can help you in 6 ways

  • Free  yourself from a painful memory, person, or event so that it doesn’t bother you at all
  • Help you feel better, more resilient, and more confident after a crisis or big worry
  • Free yourself from negative feelings and emotions in the body , which manifest themselves in disturbing situations and unpleasant memories
  • Free yourself from other people’s patterns, life scenarios that rob you and prevent you from moving into your own
  • Change your negative self-image to a positive one. Stop endlessly blaming yourself and shaming yourself.
  • Remove obstacles and obstacles to what you want and thereby you give yourself the opportunity to develop in your own direction and connect with your life potential . After all, external reality changes when you no longer need it, when you no longer chase after it or wait for it. Instead, you are connected of your own will and love with a new reality – not in the desire for any particular manifestation, but in feeling more and more joy here and now.

A Family Constellation session is generally 90 minutes in length and costs  120 USD

A Diagnostic Constellation is generally 30 minutes in length and costs 45 USD

If any of these speak to you, I invite you to experience a different approach to life’s challenges that doesn’t involve your logical mind. It will help you to unravel these challenges, and to embark up on the journey to a truly happy and fulfilled you.