Family Constellation & Coaching in Victoria, Nanaimo, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

The main aim of Family Constellation is to connect the person with a powerful opportunity to go through life freely, with pleasure and satisfaction. This approach allows to significantly simplify and ease personal and relational problem resolution, through clear understanding of which actions create difficulties and which bring wellbeing and personal growth. By understanding the underlying patterns of your family dynamics, you can dramatically improve your life and  increase your happiness.

More over Family constellation work enhances the effects, takes any work, healing to the deepest level, to be the most effective and provide transformation faster.

I am working on an individual basis in English and in Russian (

Most un-wellness is simply because we all carry burdens of shame, guilt, fear, and anger that don’t belong to us.  

Just you see

  • you want to be happy with yourself, your partner, and your family. You realise that something is preventing you from experiencing that happiness, but you can’t figure out what it is.
  • you hate yourself. You believe that if you could fix yourself to become perfect, you would be happy, and your life would be one continuous ecstatic journey. The problem is, you don’t even know where to.
  • your life is characterised by perpetual hard work, and your world is difficult and complex. You either have not been able to identify your needs, or you don’t feel safe enough to ask for those needs to be met.

 What if I told you that something that happened to your mother or grandmother can actually impact your happiness, success, and health today? Or that a family secret far up the family line can cause chaos in your life today creating relationship problems, issues with your children and many more? It didn’t start with you, but you can ended it up.

During my work with clients using the family constellation approach we uncover these root causes, long forgotten stories, traumas in the family line, bring them to the surface just enough to release them and heal their effect.

If any of these speak to you, I invite you to experience a different approach to life’s challenges that doesn’t involve your logical mind. It will help you to unravel these challenges, and to embark up on the journey to a truly happy and fulfilled you.

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