Systemic Family & Business Constellations

online & in-person | on an individual & group basis

See your issue from a perspective you’ve never seen before

Real and lasting change comes by finding and working from the origin of a problem, instead of on the surface or symptom level alone. 

This is the basis for my work, to get to the starting point in order to heal from there and be able to move forward.

Getting to the origin is a basic premise of Systemic & Family Constellation work

Systemic Constellations brings to light unconscious, hidden, elements that keep a particular suffering, limitation, illness, or trauma in place. It engage the unconscious and subconscious body memory and combine ancestral principles with Field technology to resolve limitations, symptoms, and relational challenges.

In the revealing of what has not before been seen, the re-establishing connectivity, disruptions may vanish and healing is inevitable.

My Systemic Constellations and Coaching (online & in-person) are designed for individuals and couples who are seeking help with a range of different issues. These include: relationship difficulties between partners, siblings, parents & loneliness & emotional patterns concern for the well-being & siblings death & abortion & miscarriage & violence & divorce & separation & challenges in deciding between two options & self-esteem

There are four possible types of outcome:

Diagnostic: What unconscious, hidden systemic dynamics are at play in influencing my current situation?

Healing&Resolving: What is involved in embodying the healing images that I am shown to eliminate disruptions, making the healing process inevitable?

Creative: How can I move into the widest future?

Predictive: What is the likely impact of choices that I could make?


My name is Ekaterina Kosorukova.

Originally from Russia, I am a trained Systemic/Family Constellations facilitator having received my training from a diverse group of teachers in Germany, Russia, Spain, Australia and the US.

I have also a background in somatic, coaching, counselling approaches.

I have been living and working in Vancouver Island since 2017, and I work online worldwide as well.

I organize monthly Circles, special seminar events and individual sessions in English or Russian.

Systemic, Organisational & Family Constellations member of ISCA

More information about my training here

I keenly observe the transformations in our lives and external circumstances driven by our internal changes. Even in challenging times, discovering resources and internal resilience, reaching acceptance with both the significant and the minor aspects, empowers us with the strength and energy to journey through life, make our own choices, and reclaim what may have been lost.

Open Hours to connect with me


In – Person Systemic Constellations

December 10 in Nanaimo, BC

Online Systemic Constellations

December 14 2023


March 2023 | Online | Systemic Constellation Workshop

20 April 2023 | Online | Systemic Constellation Workshop

13 May 2023 | Victoria BC | Systemic Constellation Workshop

20 May 2023 | Victoria BC | Systemic Constellation Workshop

24 June 2023 | Victoria BC | Systemic Constellation Workshop

26 June 2023 | Online | Systemic Constellation Workshop

12 July 2023 | Nanaimo BC | Workshop «How do you want to be loved»

21 September 2023 | Nanaimo, BC | Systemic Constellations

22 October 2023 | Nanaimo, BC | Systemic Constellations Retreat

20 November 2023 | Nanaimo, BC | Systemic Constellations


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