Systemic Family & Business Constellations

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See your issue from a perspective you’ve never seen before

Systemic constellations enable respectful access to the hidden dynamics, deep patterns and the many resources held in relational systems. It is coaching that leaves individuals, team, groups resourced, whole and free for their future.

A constellation shows a ‘life image’ of dynamics in a human (family, organizational, or social) system.  It displays relationships, entanglements and connections between parts of the system (people in a family; people or functions in an organization) that we would not be aware of otherwise, because we are normally unconscious of them.  The underlying premise of this work is that the events, illnesses, traumas, dysfunctional organizational behaviors, etc., that we usually think of as one-off, are in fact often manifestations of unconscious or invisible systems, and that only by treating the underlying system will the issue at hand really resolve itself. We live the symptoms of entangled dynamics through patterns we create and recreate, often to our detriment and with a greater or lesser degree of pain and/or unhappiness. Constellations show what is out of order that leads to these symptoms, and by revealing this allows a healthier, more functional order to be re-established.


Scientific research shows that the experiences of your ancestors can determine your behaviour today and affect future generations. Recent scientific research into DNA reveals that a component named Epigenetic is embedding the effect of a traumatic experience by altering the genetic structure. It means that some of our behaviour patterns can be attributed to traumatic events in your family history. This notion has always been one of the guiding principles of Systemic / Constellations Therapy, a form of work that is dedicated to exposing and dealing with issues emerging from our family system.


You want support that honors your whole being, your body and all the parts of you that show up in life.

You want to have a sense of wholeness and a healthier relationship with yourself, be at home in your own being and be your own best friend.

You want to heal from past relationships, family trauma and have better relationship moving ahead.

Or you want to deepen the relationships you currently have for long term shared goodness.

You want to be able to share your gifts with this world and better understand how.

You want to feel a sense of belonging, have a place, and know your needs matters.

You want to deepen your understating and skills in self connection, communication and healthy relating.

You’re willing to have a beginner mind despite all ready knowing many things.

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My name is Ekaterina Kosorukova and I have been living in Vancouver Island since 2017.

I began my practice in 2018, following 13 years of leadership experience in employment.

I am qualified Systemic Constellation Facilitator and Certified Master Coach (ICI) with a background in somatic, counselling systemic approaches.

I received my Family Constellation Facilitator training under Viktoria Denezhkina (2017), Elena Veselago (2019) and my Systemic Structural Constellations (SySt) training with Matthias Varga von Kibéd (2020). I further benefited from leaning Break the Cycle of Inherited Family Trauma through Family Constellations with Mark Wolynn, Systemic Ritual with Daan Van Kompenkhaut (2022), constellation Ego-Systems with Christine Blumenstein-Essen (2022), Autopoietic family and system constellations with Siegfried Essen(2022), Shadow Constellation with Nir Esterman (2021), Systemic Coaching with Bibi Shreuder (2023), Transforming Abuse Dynamics with Andrea Bosbach L., the International Certification in Systemic, Family Constellations Facilitator Training, Australia (2023)

Systemic, Organisational & Family Constellations member of ISCA

I am grateful to my ancestors, guides and my teachers for supporting me to offer you the blessing of Systemic Constellations and Coaching.

As a full time Facilitator & Coach I am available to you in your journey for healing


I am working with clients on an individual basis via ZOOM or Skype

This session is generally 90 min in length and cost CAN $190

Sneak Peak: a Free Systemic Diagnostic Constellation


You can receive Systemic Constellation Work for yourself through participating in constellation group in Vancouver Island in-person

For more information about Systemic Constellations, please follow the link


For more information about ONLINE Systemic Constellations Groups, please follow the link

Open Hours to connect with me



March 2023 | Online | Systemic Constellation Workshop

20 April 2023 | Online | Systemic Constellation Workshop

13 May 2023 | Victoria BC | Systemic Constellation Workshop

20 May 2023 | Victoria BC | Systemic Constellation Workshop

24 June 2023 | Victoria BC | Systemic Constellation Workshop

26 June 2023 | Online | Systemic Constellation Workshop

12 July 2023 | Nanaimo BC | Workshop «How do you want to be loved»

21 September 2023 | Nanaimo, BC | Systemic Constellations


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