What prevents you from being real?

Karina got a job at a small company a few months ago. Among her colleagues was a woman whose dominant behavior she could not bear. 

In contact with her, Karina felt like a little “fool”. In this job, she developed avoidance behavior: before every meeting or lunch in a cafe in the office, she watched where she sat and then positioned herself as far away from her as possible.

When later she told me about her work and about her rejection for this woman whenever she remembered her, I asked her if she remembered something similar from her relationship with her parents, but she could not confirm this.

 She said that with her mother, it is rather the opposite. Her mother was always weak.

(“A fool”) and Karina constantly tried to help her. 

Deep down, she wanted her mother to be more confident in herself. She must change and stop yielding to everyone.

Due to disagreement with how her mother lived her life, Karina lived for many years in a state of stress and with a desire to change everything. This desire forms bonds. And she attracts exactly what she wanted to change, that is, what she does not like.

So she slipped into a situation with a dominant colleague.

And there was only one solution. Stop arguing with the fate of mom and live her fate. Allow yourself to be both weak and strong. Then there will be an opportunity to be real.

Weak or strong, superiority or oppression, victim or aggressor.

Whoever found himself on such a swing and wants to stop, figure it out and still go to a different quality level of life and feeling of himself, then this can be done using the Family constellation approach.

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