The Strength to Be Free

Profound release experience can be occur when we are ready to listen to our body and give in to the urges of the Self.

Recently my client had a deeply moving acupressure healing session which begin with a deep breathing and shoulder release. They are carrying the weight of the world. Jane  (the  client’s name is changed) shared with me that she felt a sense of being overburdened by her life, of carrying more responsibilities than she is really able to.

She laid down and during her deep breathing I palpated major points, finding spasms and tension in the neck, shoulders, abdominal area, chest.

Sometimes we don’t want to face things which might contradict a picture that we want to have of ourselves, our relationship, our word. We can constrict our field of vision by developing a ring of tension around our the neck, eyes, the chest, the abdomen and pelvis.

After I had been working with these areas for about 30 minutes, Jane said: “I feel like I wants to run away from here. I don’t want to deal with these situations in my life any more.” By holding some points on her chest I felt tension in that area and asked Jane to breathe deeply into these points and welcome whatever comes up.

When tension is appeared around the chest, then a client doesn’t have to feel his heart or love. Having the chest tied up can be less threatening than confronting heartfelt feelings. Free movement of the chest allows us to become aware of appreciation and love, and to feel more alive.

“I feel sadness and loneliness now” she said. As I focused on her chest and shoulder area  I invite her to explore these feelings and maybe be it would be right for her just tell this part of her that she sees this sadness. By focusing on this area Jane said that these feelings were gone and she felt free just to be. She had never felt that she had a right to pleasure, or even to life.

Then Jane felt tension in her diaphragm and abdominal area. Diaphragm tension is like a tight corset, which cuts off threatening feelings arising from the lower centres. This area also contracts in response to the fear of losing control. According to Wilhelm Reich, diaphragm tension express a “no-no” attitude – “no” to full orgasmic pleasure in sex, to self-assertion in relationships, or to honest expression of anger.

While I was holding major points she suddenly started crying. “When you touched me my belly, I didn’t understand what was happening,” she said later. “I felt some negative feeling and I could just realized I need to let it go. You led me and felt I was not alone here. It was significant for me.”

At the end of our session Jane felt relaxed and peaceful, and more able not only  to be herself, but also to be with pleasure.

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