Booking The Journey Package

The Journey Package

This is a package of four online constellations to guide you during a time of change and transition… leading to clarity of mind and path, renewed energy and spirit, to propel you forward.

Booking the Journey Package involves two steps:

1. Selecting date and time for the 1st Constellations Session

After your date and time are confirmed you will receive a zoom link on your email and you will redirected to this page again to complete the 2nd step.

You have the option to secure your spot for the upcoming three constellations at any time through this link.

2. Completing the payment.

The payment must be made 2 days before the first constellation session.

You have 2 ways to pay for this package

1.  If you choose to pay by e-transfer, please send payment of CAN $600 to:

2. CREDIT/DEBIT with Stripe (incl.transactions fee)

Cancellation Policy for The Journey Package:

2 days notice before the 1st constellation is required to receive a full refund.

2 days notice before the others constellations is required to receive a partial refund calculated as $600 – $190*n
n – the number of received constellations 

Last minute cancellations are not refundable, such as cancelling the day of an online constellation.

If you have any questions, please text me ahead: 778-967-37-24 or WhatsApp

I look forward to working with you
Ekaterina Kosorukova