Constellations in Metaphorical Realm

Systemic Constellations in Metaphorical Realm

Constellations in Metaphorical Realm

I love Constellations in Metaphorical Realm for their practical application. For the simplicity and, at the same time, the depth of processes that help a person find a way out of a complex situation, change the life script, and resolve a problem.

“…As if someone flipped the map in an instant… and for several days now, I unusually feel good, suddenly came alive, gained energy, and developed an interest in life.”

Natasha K.

When a person acts from the head (plans, takes action, and achieves the desired result), my assistance and support as a professional coach and systemic constellations practitioner are not needed. They are already effective on their own.

And when a person did everything, tried all the methods, but still hasn’t achieved the desired results, it’s time to dig deeper. It’s necessary to explore the impact of unconscious programs on real life and, if possible, transform obstacles into resources. This is where I can truly help.

We’ve heard numerous fairy tales, but for some reason, one of them or one of its characters stands out. Sometimes, it happens that only a particular episode from the entire fairy tale is remembered, and this is also crucial for our analysis.

How a person retells a tale that is significant to them is also extremely important. They personally emphasize unique aspects in the plot, in the characters’ traits, and in the emotions and experiences of the heroes.

If we assign important characters of the tale as representatives in systemic constellations, we can gain access to what was previously hidden, suppressed, ignored, masked, or silenced. Systemic constellations swiftly bring the hidden to light. And, as we know, the truth heals.

And most importantly! The piece of a beloved fairy tale can open our eyes to what was previously hidden: the basic life script of a person, familiar patterns of behaviour, beliefs, and attitudes, as well as accustomed social roles.

In the metaphor of a fairy tale, any negative life scenario can be gently and ecologically transformed. Engaging with a fairy tale allows one to navigate the defense mechanisms of consciousness, establishing a safe and comfortable distance. This, in turn, facilitates a more effortless exploration of pain, an easier discovery of resources, and a quicker journey towards a positive resolution. Healing at a meta-level, within the realm of a fairy tale metaphor, unfolds magically and with ease.

The outcomes are undeniably remarkable. This approach not only genuinely works but does so with remarkable effectiveness. As we reshape the narrative within the constellation of the fairy tale, our entire life undergoes a profound transformation.

In this work, you can

  • Safely explore what you have avoided, feared, or turned away from
  • Tackle your main life problem by using a fairy tale metaphor, outsmarting your usual logic defences.
  • Find a solution to a problem without a clearly formulated initial request. The fairy tale constellations naturally reveals the most crucial problematic areas.
  • Improve your real-life situation without stepping out of the fairy tale narrative during the constellation, without disclosing details of your personal life to others.

I am offering Constellations in Metaphorical Realm in two settings: One-on-One Constellations and in a group: online and in-person

Bring your favourite fairy tale. Share what stands out to you among various other fairy tales, characters, and images.

Let’s explore your favourite fairy tale together. We’ll uncover its hidden message and find the best solution for you. You’ll gain new strengths, and it’s bound to make your whole life better.

Systemic Constellations in Metaphorical Realm