Couple Constellations

Couples Constellation Intensive

unlock deep love & connection

Couples in distress enter therapy holding two goals that they now experience as mutually exclusive: to feel loved and to feel understood.

I offer you a comprehensive and systemic way for achieving both goals.

What will we do together?

At couples constellation intensive, both of you are entering a realm of uncommon solution. Because systemic constellations work is designed to get to the heart of what prevents you and your partner from what you desire. We will tap into the deepest dynamics of your relationship.

As we uncover those hidden dynamics, patterns and their role in your relationship, both of you’ll start seeing things in a whole new way… Both of you will understand what is really going on & take powerful steps to resolve it.

You & your partner can receive Couples Constellation Work in three ways and as always let’s talk if you have any questions regarding your healing request or this work.

1. Online in a Group with Representatives

Up to 8 trained systemic constellations practitioners step into representation on behalf of a couple’s request, representing (holding space) for both of you, element of your life story and inquiry.

For both of you, it’s reassuring to know that discussing traumatic events in front of the group is unnecessary.

Exchange: CAN $210 / up to 2,5 hours

A date and time upon registration

Limited seats available each month.

2. Online. One-on-One

On Zoom, both of you as a couple and I, as the facilitator, come together and we can set up your unique couple constellation.

Exchange: CAN $280 / up to 2.5 hours

3. In-Person VitalityLink: Systemic Constellations Workshop on Vancouver Island

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