Diagnostic Constellation

It takes me a few minutes to read in the Constellation how energy flows between a man and a woman, between a man and his desire or goal, between a mother and a child.
And when there is an imbalance, an interruption, then of course we feel it on ourselves. We beat like a fly on the glass, but we can’t fly out.
And the  diagnostic constellation that I do for clients,  helps them  both highlight what was in the shadows and get answers to their difficult questions:
  • Where are you actually slowing down yourself and what to do about it …
  • Where does the resource go, what do you spend Yourself and your strength on …
  • What are the things to which you give your “Yes”, when the “No” should sound inside and outside …
  • Why the problematic situation does not leave your life …
  • What are the real obstacles and fears that hold and do not allow to move forward …
  • And what you need to do to live your own life, and not someone else’s …
Sometimes it is enough to take a small step for the long-awaited movement to start.
When forming a request, it is important to answer two questions in a certain area of ​​life:
  • What exactly is stopping you from being happy right now?
  • And what do you want instead?
At the same time, the focus is on yourself, and not on changing the other person.

The diagnostic constellation is generally 30 minutes and costs CAN$50.

If you are interested in it, please contact me  WhatsApp


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