Energy Testing

If you find out negative beliefs or thoughts in your mind, now THE TIME TO ASK YOUR BODY is it true or not! LISTEN to YOUR BODY!

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How? A simple method was developed in kinaesiology and called “Energy testing” or “Muscle testing”

It is an alternative healing diagnostic tool that allows you to ask your body yes or no questions. It works with the idea that a positive association or “yes” strengthens the muscles, while a negative association or “no” weakens them.

If you would like to do this testing without a partner, I can share with you for testing two types of “Muscle test” which I found helpful for me. Before doing such test, be sure that your body must be properly hydrated.

The first type.

Resting the palm of one hand on a table or desktop, firmly press the fingers and thumb down. Focus on something or someone you love and try to lift one finger or the thumb. It will probably stay put. Focus on something or someone negative, and try to lift the finger or thumb again. It should lift easily. Make sure you use the same amount of pressure to perform the lift each time.

Once you have a baseline idea of how strong you are when you think “yes” or “love,” imagine and feel a situation, thing or person about which you are unsure. Perform the muscle test. If you finger lifts easily, your answer is “no” or “this is not good for me.” If the finger stays put, your answer is “yes” or “this is good for me.”

The second type.

While standing facing north, relax your body, and 

– say “YES” and the body should lean forward for a positive answer.

– say “NO” and the body should lean backward for a negative answer.

– repeat your belief or thoughts and notice where you body lean: forward or backward.

I must confess that sometimes you don’t want to get undesirable answer, however all of these techniques are about trusting your body, your heart and yourself.

If your find a negative belief and your body says “YES” you can change it using ThetaHealing and your awareness.

Please feel free to contact me and I will help you and you will change your life!


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