Where you can take energy for your life?

Yesterday I talked with a friend of mine. During the conversation, her phone rang, apologising and picking up the phone, she started emotionally discussing something.

After such a conversation, my friend was siting in silence for a long time, thinking, sighing heavily, staring at one point on the floor. And then she said: “How I am exhausted from being a mother to my mother. After all, I have my own family. Energy is not enough. I have me husband, my work. I can’t handle it anymore. ”

“Do you remember how to be a child, a daughter to your mother?” Answering to this  question she very sadly with tears in her eyes said: “No. I don’t remember and don’t know how it should be. Since my childhood, I have been taking care of my mother to make her happy and healthy. I don’t have energy and life force to do it.”

She reminded me of myself. I remember my request for body therapy training: “I want to be the daughter to my mother. I want to feel how it feels of being a child. It is scary. Very scary.”

If the parents does not have a relationship with themselves, they will not be able to  build the intimate relationship with their child. Then this child begins to care for others as an adult, so as not to engage in himself, because he does not feel himself.

When mother or farther feels a lack of resources, she or he can take them from his child, instead of taking them from her or his parents or managing it himself.

In turn, if the child feels that love is not enough for him, he tries to deserve it. Thus, he becomes a parent to his parent. He takes on an unbearable burden. In the future, such person takes responsibility for everything and everyone around. He does not have enough energy to reach his goals.

After my internal self-work and family constellation I restored energetic bonds with my parents. I took back my place as a daughter in my family.

It was the great job! I feel joy, lightness and my own desires and goals.  Love can be obtained from parents only from a child’s place. When we take energy from our parents, they become stronger!

If you have an positive energetic bonds with your parents, you have a connection with life. It can be restored in 1-2 sessions and can be fixed at any age.

If you want to regain your ease, desire to live, be filled with energy and feel like it is to be a child with your parents, write to me and I will gladly answer you.

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