Case Study: «Extra Weight is Far from Extra»

Case Study: Extra Weight is Far from Extra

Excess weight serves a vital purpose – it provides protection, comfort, and a shield.

A body devoid of this protective layer reveals its innermost desires, emotions, and vitality without reservation.

While words can attempt to conceal true emotions, the body does not allow itself to be hidden. Its movements are visible. Waist, hips, shoulders are visible. It’s evident what it carries on its back.

– What does the world perceive without this protective shield?
– What will a late-night cake console?
– What potential remains untapped, hidden behind the protective barrier of excess weight?
– Who will I not live more vividly than until my weight allows me to express myself quickly and spontaneously?

When people discuss their weight, sometimes their words directly indicate what can be worked on.

Just a few examples of key message we received from the representative for “Extra Weight” in Systemic Constellations

“I fear betrayal,” shared one woman, gaining weight after marriage.

“I feel like I don’t belong anywhere,” expressed another, battling excess weight for two years.

“I’m invisible. I want to disappear,” confided a woman for whom diets prove ineffective.

While dieticians, trainers, and endocrinologists address physical aspects, the emotional component persists. Without addressing this deeper layer, managing weight relies on willpower and wanes when resources deplete, leading to diet lapses, skipped workouts, and choosing the ‘wrong’ path.

Systemic Constellations provide a holistic approach to address these underlying emotional aspects.

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