Systemic Family Constellation Groups in Victoria, Nanaimo,Vancouver Island

Systemic Constellation workshop provides a perfect opportunity to experience the deep and insightful Systemic Constellations process in a intimate group setting.

A unique and powerful therapeutic method for self exploration, understanding core behaviours, removing blocks and reintroducing movement and growth. It is used as a major resource in supporting healthy relationships, working through trauma and assisting in depression treatment.

There are some spots available for the July offering

Please see all the details below and let me know if you would like to reserve a spot.



July, 20th 6:30 pm – 9:00 pm PST

The Group includes:

(1) Two Systemic Constellation exercises for all participants. Work in small groups of 2 or 3 people.

(2) One Systemic Constellation Work for a client in the group with Representatives

(3) Final ceremony


The Systemic Constellations method is a unique therapeutic process of exploration of the forces that move us in life. Such forces are often appearing as difficulties or a sense of being ‘stuck’ in life, affecting our behaviour, relationships, career, health / wellbeing or even financial circumstances. This method provides a three-dimensional ‘map’ of one’s life as it is at present. It is a simple yet powerful way to explore entanglements and blockages in our personal life and in our family history. The method brings awareness and clarity into personal challenges by focusing the client on the root cause of such difficulties. Constellations provide an opening for a positive life shift and presents ways for deep healing processes to occur.


In Constellations work the ‘client’ is referred to as the ‘Issue Holder’.

The method uses workshop participants as ‘Representatives’ to stand-in for key people in the client’s life such as family members, colleagues, partners, ex partners etc. sometimes ‘abstract’ concepts such as an emotion, country of origin, religion or destiny are also represented. All participants are invited to take part as Representatives. Workshop participants often report experiencing profound insights into their own lives by simply witnessing the process, regardless of how they choose to take part.

 For Representative (Participant) Booking 30 CAN

Please feel free to write me on WhatsApp to receive further info on how to register.

 For For Issue Holder (Client) Booking 190 CAN

If you wish to attend as an Issue Holder at this group and have your own Constellation done please click here to book a free 30-min call to tune-in to your presenting challenges, answer any questions, and find out if I am the right practitioner for you

If you are interested in participating, please respond to this invite ASAP to reserve your spot and/or to receive further info on how to register.

Please note: space is limited to 10 participants and just 2 spots for the client. There will be a waiting list available as well

Our group provides a safe space where deep personal work is done and where maintaining confidentiality and respect of each other’s privacy is paramount.

Facilitated by Ekaterina Kosorukova.

A qualified Systemic Constellation Facilitator with a background in coaching, somatic, counselling systemic approaches.

Systemic, Organisational & Family Constellations member of ISCA.