Focusing or a Somatic-Based Approach for Uncovering Unconscious Awareness

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It has been only four years since I started a journey towards myself. At first I didn’t know why I embarked on this journey. Currently I have an answer for this question. I was exhausted by endless thinking about my life and ways to find happiness. I was off somewhere on a mental trip.

I felt frustration, anxiety, and a lot of tension in my body. I thought that when I achieved this or that I would be happy. Instead, I kept getting more waves of frustration.

After a conversation with my close friend I went to a Tantra retreat. There for the first time I heard:“Close your eyes, listen to your body, feel all sensations, put your attention inside!”. Some people are able to do that, but I couldn’t. It was terra incognita.

At that retreat and many to follow I cried a lot, hated myself and tried to fix myself without acceptance. At that time I made a commitment to myself:“Don’t give up even if I feel pain, anger and frustration…just keep going” I remember my commitment even now.

I am forever grateful to all my teachers for helping and introducing me a whole realm of existence of which I had been ignorant.

So,among all my findings I have, there is one unique method which I was taught two years ago It’s Focusing or Focusing-oriented Psychotherapy, is a process developed by Eugene Gendlin.

This approach is so much a part of my daily routine. It is my preferred method of self-therapy. Referring to the book “Focusing: Selected Essays” by Neil Friedman these are some of Focusing’s benefits:

  • Focusing teaches that there is a realm called “inside”
  • Focusing brings one’s energy out of the head and into the body
  • Focusing helps overly emotionalised people get a handle on what they feel
  • Focusing is relaxing. It’s means of stress reduction
  • Focusing gives one new personal information. It is a source of insights. It feeds both mind and heart
  • Focusing gives you direct access to your own inner resources and inner wisdom
  • Over time, focusing can clear up “disturbed places” inside”

As a result, Focusing became the one of the powerful tools which I applied in my work with clients. It enables them attend to the sensitive border between their conditioned beliefs and their longing, find at the edge of physical and subtle sensations a profound sense of relief.




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