From Habitual Behaviour and Beliefs to New Ones


Variety of therapeutic methods are based on the idea that the deepest (core) beliefs are not usually conscious. They are implicit. They are implied by habitual behaviour. A person’s habit tell us in this pantomimic way, what kind of world the person is imagining they are living in.

The goal of working with a client is to enhance his well being and reduce his unnecessary suffering. Much suffering is the result of over-generalized core beliefs. For example if the client habitually distrusts people, has an implicit core belief that people will hurt him, he will never have a good relationship. If no one can be trusted, he will never find someone he can trust and that is going to cause a lot of suffering. That won’t change that belief until it becomes conscious.

During a session a reaction is deliberately tried to evoke. Some memories, images, sounds may pop up and the re-experienced event is not just a memory, it has become an experience again. It can be an important part of the healing process.

The memories help explain to the client how those habits and beliefs came to be. The events that created the beliefs and habits need not be consciously remembered to have the effects they do, The habits are procedures to dealing with the world, the world as perception and expectations.

Remembering those events is an act of reconstruction. The memory has become present again. It is here and now. When that happens, it has become part of this time, not just the past.

The client creates new beliefs and the possibility of new behaviour and new habits to come. The whole system of habits and beliefs becomes conscious and available for change. Something that wasn’t real before, is alive within him. Trust becomes possible. Love becomes possible. Self-acceptance, confidence and forgiveness. Some part of the client is healing. He is renewed.

– the information is based on the Hakomi Method by Ron Kurts, Thetahealing by Vianna Stibal, Focusing by E.Gendlin

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