How to find happiness in the relationship with a man

Women often turn to me with a request to help sort out their relationship with a man.

Either they are unlucky with them, or a constant feeling of loneliness or fear of repeating a sad experience in the past. 

There is no pleasure in life, but there is fatigue and lack of energy.

And I see once again that one of the main reasons for such situations is that a woman “carries” unresolved conflicts between her parents or their unhappiness.

How does it happen to her?

So one woman in her childhood tried to help resolve conflicts between parents. In this willingness to make peace in her family, she had to align herself with her mother and turned her back on her father.

Very often a child tries to save her mother or dad. She cannot accept some part of her parents’ fate or what kind of parents they are for her. 

At the same time, I often hear from women: “I thought that I definitely would not repeat this pattern in my life. I must be different. I can have another life experience. But I repeat the same scenario in my life.”

As a result, parents’ conflicts or arguments with them or disagreements with them stay inside us сcontinue to live inside us.

For many women such scenarios, hidden loyalties manifest themselves through a relationship with a man. 

He again and again brings a woman back to the past by reminding her difficult relationship with her parents. 

In general a man and a woman are mirroring  each other exactly the parts of her or his life where there is lots of pain and it is most painful to look.

Therefore, until a woman resolves the inner conflict within herself, does not come out of the war of her parents, she will again and again walk in a vicious circle repeating the family scenario. 

If you still got the internal conflict from your family, then you can always get out of it and leave it in the past. 

At the same time, maintain a resource connection with the ancestors and find a place inside of you for respect and agreement with the fate of the parents, ceasing to save them.

Family constellations can help you to experience excluded feelings, restore family order, turn into your life, while respecting the history of your family and parents.

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