How to stop deserving

If you have been happy for a long time and love flows through your life, then skip this post.

It’s for those who, in their pursuit of happiness and love, have become stuck in an interesting process.

Deserving happiness and love. “I need to deserve it or do something. I can’t just be happy…” say clients.

The flip side of deserving is not a state of happiness, desired joy, and love, but control, with its iron grip to hold onto, not let go, not lose. “I’m afraid of being alone or everything falling apart, or I can’t go on vacation or scared to take time for myself.”

Clients in both situations talk about tension, fatigue, and disappointment.

But from my own experience, I want to add that in the marathon from deserving to control, one important thing is lost. Inner knowledge, experience, or feeling of “I have it“. I have joy or I have happiness or I have love, and even I have. I HAVE…

And this story is not about ideas from the head. It’s more about inner knowledge, bodily experience. The state of sufficiency.

I’m interested in observing people’s reactions when I ask them how they know they have what they deserve or are trying to hold onto.

Not everyone knows. Many know it with their heads, but not their hearts or bodies. And this is one of the reasons why the “Deserve and Hold” marathon is impossible to stop.

When this realization turned many things in my life around, I lost interest in the marathon. I got more space, more interest in my life, interest in the people around me. My goals changed. They became more comprehensive, in which I live life, rather than jumping on a horse to get results.

And every meeting with a client began to bring a deep sense of involvement and co-creation in the happiness of the birth of an adult.

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