Case Study: «How Can I Make More Money from My Practice?»

Case Study: «How Can I Make More Money from My Practice?»

Inquiry: “How can I generate income from my practice?”

In this case study, a talented professional woman, skilled in her field, faced a difficult situation: her practice thrived in terms of skills and expertise but remained devoid of money.

Amongst those represented were “her practice with money,” “her practice without money,” and the client herself.

Online constellations has some challenges. We use the special dashboard for online constellation where a client can choose figures with different colours and sizes.

The client arranged the figures in the Field herself. The positioning and sizes of the figures she chosen reflected her inner unresolved conflicts and struggles.

The representative for “practice with money” found herself in direct opposition to the client and experienced feelings of frustration and anger towards her.

The representative for “practice without money” stayed between the woman and the representative for “practice with money”, had a smaller size and expressed feelings of being lost and a strong desire to evade and escape.

To gain deeper insights and uncover the hidden family dynamics influencing her business, the client opted to explore the issue at the family level. This provided a unique perspective and allowed for the resolution of longstanding family-related conflicts that had seeped into her professional life.

One of the insight from the constellation was that the woman could see a profound identification between her and her mother, who always lacked money, leading to constant conflicts with the client’s father during her childhood. The woman described herself as a young mediator between her parents, and never asked for anything for herself, fearing it would reignite the quarrels.

The visual representation of a young girl caught amidst her bickering parents, with the “practice without money” figure positioned between the client and “practice with money,” painted a vivid picture of the inner conflict.

Let’s turn back to the initial question: “How can I earn money from my practice?”

As the session progressed, the client embraced the opportunity to address these unresolved issues and break free from her loyalty to her mother. To stop unconsciously helping her resolve conflicts with her father. To see the people in front of her, not projection of her father, who didn’t provide enough money. After all, money comes from people—from living, diverse, and interesting human beings. They are worth acknowledging. She began to shift her perspective. This pivotal realization marked the initial step towards financial liberation.

Furthermore, the client recognized the need to reconnect with her inner adult self, capable of providing the support her inner child required. The representative embodying “practice without money” (the young girl mediating between her parents) expressed a desire to seek her own interests. This newfound understanding empowered the woman to support her own desires, signalling a path to financial independence.

In conclusion, this case study illustrates the transformative power of systemic constellations in unblocking deeply ingrained financial limitations. By addressing unresolved family dynamics and redirecting her focus toward her real clients and inner self, the client embarked on a journey towards financial success in her practice.

Remember “Children don’t have adult’s money”. They have a different currency—it’s not bills, coins, or some amount of money in bank accounts. It’s their mother’s attention and love. This is the most valuable currency for a child. And if the child didn’t receive enough of it in childhood, he/she/they will seek it every where her/his/their adult attention is directed.

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