Individual Online Integrated Constellation

What Individual Online Integrated Constellation about

This technique is a holistic approach for resolving obstacles and issues in your life. It consists of a diverse combination of effective techniques which will be combined during a personal session to assist you in resolving your problems in the best way for you.

How We Work

Individual online sessions have a wide variety of possibilities allowing you to get effective, deep and long lasting results. My clients all over the world choose the Individual Constellation method working through Skype, Zoom, and WhatsApp. I work with clients in English or Russian languages.

An Integrated Constellation session is generally 90 minutes in length.

What Can be Relieved with Individual Online Integrated Constellation



Now: You experience resentment, misunderstanding, a lack of love and support, manipulations.

After: You reestablished contact with your parents, feel their genuine unconditional love, become a happy child, and get their acceptance and support.



Now: You have no partner or experience little love and connection in a current relationship. There is often misunderstanding and misalignment between you and your partner.

After: You realized exactly what type of man or women you are meant to be with and find ways to unfold the full potential of your relationship. You experience an incredible mix of love, closeness, connection and personal growth.



Now: Money does not come easily for you, you struggle financially and want a better lifestyle with more stability.

After: You establish your ideal version of financial abundance by addressing your limiting beliefs and blocks which are often unnoticed. You reconnect with the money ‘energy’ so financial mastery comes natural to you.



Now: You often cannot make the right decision in difficult situation. Even if that decision is relatively obvious you rarely achieve what you set out to do or know you should be doing.

After: You have a clear intuitive vision/understanding of your authentic goals and the step by step way to get to them. Instead of feeling drained you seem to always have enough energy and excitement to move to the next proper step. Growth stops being work and starts just ‘being the natural you.’

If You are Interested in the Effective Constellation, You Have to Answer to These Questions: 

  1. In what area of your life do you experience the most pressing problem?
  2. What don’t you like?
  3. What would you like to have instead? 
  • I would like to have/ feel/ create/ do/ get/ be able to______
  • I would like to understand/ lean/ figure out________
  • What can I do to change this situation?_________

What Will Happen to You and Your Life as a Result

  • You will make a giant leap or small step (depending on your current willingness) towards experiencing life to its fullest. A leap towards genuine happiness, and letting yourself be authentic. 
  • You realize how your negative thoughts, and beliefs affect your behaviour and an emotional state.
  • You will experience a new surge of personal energy that your body and mind can currently handle. For a lot of people this pleasant ‘uplift’ will be experienced for the first time in their lives.
  • You will understand why you rejected happiness (whether in personal relations, with children, money etc.) and learn the reasons for those blocks and why you unconsciously maintain them.

What are The Requirements to Become a Client

You do not need any specific knowledge, experience or skills to become a client. We will create a special place for you where you will learn everything you need to know, and be personally guided from the chosen problem to unravel the surrounded ‘web’ of problems and expose and address blocks which are responsible for creating the issue in the first place.