Online Systemic Family Constellations Group

Online Systemic Constellations in a Group with Representatives

To the Heart of The Matter

The beliefs and patterns that keep us separated from the life we desire are often part of a larger system and are connected to other hidden internal and ancestral dynamics.

Inquiry Possibilities

  • Invisibility to a partner: not getting acquainted with you or not staying for long;
  • Feeling that nobody will love you, and nothing will work out for you;
  • Intrusive memories of previous relationships;
  • Repeating patterns and scenarios that cause pain;
  • –°onstant conflicts with thoughts: “I feel unseen, misunderstood, and unheard.”
  • The belief “I am not good enough for love, for my partner…”
  • Humiliation after a breakup or betrayal;
  • Jealousy and suspicion;
  • Fear of ending empty and unpromising relationships;
  • Fear of being abandoned;
  • Wishing to build greater trust in your partner and cultivating the desire to trust more deeply;
  • A longing to be more open with your partner.
  • The fear that ” I will suffer”
  • The fear of being rejected/abandoned/vulnerable/alone
  • The fear of unworthiness
  • Adopting a victim mindset and self-deprecation
  • Self-doubt and a lack of confidence in your abilities and talents
  • Resentments, loneliness, pain, fear, insecurity, heaviness, guilt, and shyness
  • Repetitive patterns and scenarios that cause harm
  • The longing to foster a deeper connection with your soul and heart, to trust yourself, and to follow your intuition.
  • Emotional distancing and a sense of coldness in relationships.
  • Long-lasting conflicts without any resolutions
  • Lack of intimacy in relationships
  • Repetitive patterns and scenarios that cause harm

And your unique healing request.

Please note that this group process is not group therapy. There is no necessity of re-telling traumatic events in front of a group.

About Online Systemic Constellations in a Group with Representatives

It is an open Circle for individuals and couples and open to constellate on any subject.

A Constellation Work for one person lasts approximately 1,5 hour, for a couple 3 hours.

2 seats available for an Individual or 1 seat available for a couple

Up to 8 trained systemic constellations practitioners step into representation on behalf of the client’s or a couple’s request, representing (holding space) for a person, element of the client’s life story and inquiry.

Using constellations as a practical intervention can help us reveal the invisible and unspoken dynamics behind a relationship difficulty, a stuck issue or a persistent challenge. This could be the inner relational space with yourself, the ones you love, teams, a group and life.

By revealing and resolving these hidden patterns, Constellations work can help you find healing and a deeper sense of wholeness.

In this work we ask:

  • Are there unshakable patterns or beliefs that keep blocking me from having the freedom to be who I want to be?
  • Is there a symptom or issue that keeps showing up despite doing everything I can?
  • Is there a strong need to acknowledge and heal invisible or ignored wounds?
  • Have parts of me or people in my family been exiled?
  • Is there a pattern like this in my family system?
  • Did this start with me?

And You Can Explore Different Types Of Outcomes:

  • Resourcing: What is needed to strengthen, support and resource you and your system?
  • Diagnostic: What is impacting my situation that is relevant?
  • Resolving: What is necessary to move towards a healed image?
  • Creative: How can I be open and available to my future?
  • Predictive: What is the likely impact of the different choices that I could make?


For an Individual – CAN $165 / 1,5 hour
For a couple to receive Constellations Work on the couple’s issues – CAN $210 / up to 3 hours/ 2 constellations for each partners

Location: Zoom

A zoom link, a date and time upon registration

You have the potential to experience transformational healing and free ancestral conditioning, and embark on a path of awakened consciousness.

Be part of this impactful journey!

A 15-minute meeting is available to you if you have any questions regarding this event or your healing request.

Cancellation Policy for Constellation Events: Online events 2 days notice is required to receive a full refund. Last minute cancellations are not refundable, such as cancelling the day of an online event.