What are the benefits of being without relationship with a man?

What are the benefits of being WITHOUT RELATIONSHIP WITH  A MAN?

Due one of the sessions I asked a client a concrete question: Why is it beneficial for you to be without relationship?

First she was shocked. Then she said: No. I do need relationship!

But I repeated this question over and over again. And answers began to emerge from the depths of the subconscious:

✳️ “I see the benefit in being alone because I can do what I want without need in reporting to someone.”

✳️ “If I had a man, then I need to devote much time to relationship and I have to give up a lot.”

✳️ “It’s advantageous for me not to be in relationship because I don’t want to get nervous and conflict again, argue with a man, prove who is right and who is wrong.”

✳️ “It is beneficial for me to be without relationship, because in such case I will not be betrayed and hurt for sure.”

✳️ “Having relationship means to me not being myself.”

That’s how we found secondary benefits due to which she was pushing men subconsciously out of her life.

Suddenly she realized that she was stopping herself by her own will. And everything may be organized so that she will have time for herself and for close relationship with a man being in harmony with herself at the same time.

The good news is that there is an effective comprehensive methodology that allows to remove blocks, start the movement towards men with a base on your true values. So that to be a happy and desirable woman with a man and to remain in deep contact with yourself, your desires and life.

If you are interested to change your relationship with a man, please mail me: kosorukova.katya@gmail.com  and I will tell you how you can do it. 

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