Case Study: Uncovering Self-Sabotage Patterns in Pursuit of Success

Systemic Constellations

Case Study: Uncovering Self-Sabotage Patterns in Pursuit of Success

Introduction: In this case study, we explore the hidden dynamics of self-sabotage and its impact on an individual’s journey toward success. It revolves around a female client who consistently encountered setbacks just when her projects appeared to be successful.

Client Background: The client, a driven and ambitious woman, frequently found herself confronted with unexpected obstacles and failures whenever her endeavors showed promise. Frustration and confusion plagued her as she struggled to understand why success always seemed to slip through her grasp.

Methodology: This was a «snap shot» constellation where the purpose is for the client to clarify what the sabotage to success is related to through a embodied experiences.

Findings: As a constellation evolved, a few things stood up.

The client’s inner child representative felt lost and unsupported, experiencing a lack of guidance and encouragement.
The representative for her sister shared that she couldn’t look towards the client and felt anger and resentment.
The representative for her mother felt anxiety and worry at the thought of potential client’s success.
The representative for her father was experiencing loss and disappointment.

Discussion: After the constellation and a few of my questions, the woman told me that in her childhood, she had a very painful experience with the birth of her younger sister in the family. She didn’t feel supported. And the arrival of something new in her life has always felt unsafe. The same sense of being lost and alone.

Her father lost a significant fortune when she was just born. In the constellation, her self-sabotage revealed loyalty to her father and his loss. She also experienced her mother’s feelings towards success as her own, which pushed her away from her own success.

Conclusion: By shedding light on these deeply hidden patterns and loyalties to her parents, the client gained valuable insights into the sources of her self-sabotage. She admitted to experiencing a sense of relief and newfound clarity regarding her actions. Although the path forward remained uncertain, this case study illuminated the direction for her to become more available and open to her own success.

This case study demonstrates the potential of systemic constellations in addressing underlying issues that obstruct personal and professional growth. It highlights the importance of understanding past family dynamics and their influence on one’s behaviour in the present.

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