Systemic Constellations

We always project. It’s neither good nor bad. Sometimes, it can be a significant obstacle to achieving our goals.

Projection can occur not only onto people, leading to conflicts, but also onto objects. For example, onto a house. Then, the house is much more than just the house. It holds a specific meaning for the owner. This significance is projected onto the house and can become a hindrance for example in selling that house.

A request from a woman for an individual constellation: «We have a house. My husband and I live in it. Six months ago, we decided to sell the house. Potential buyers come and go. What else can we do to find a buyer and sell it?»

Systemic Constellation can help find projections very quickly.

I invited the client to place two figures: one representing her and the house she wants to sell.

Then, I added another figure representing ‘What she truly sees when looking at the house.’

Her attention immediately shifted to the new figure, and I proposed that she step into the role of this figure. Within minutes, the woman shared that the image of her husband and their happy relationship came to her — shared events, holidays with friends. ‘In this house, I am happy with him. I am afraid of loosing everything..and him…’

The woman discovered that the idea of selling the house equated to losing her happy relationship with her husband. Unconsciously, she repels potential buyers to preserve her family.

This highlights the significance of identifying projections, as they can be a potent cause of conflicts and present obstacles in project implementation.

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