Strong Man in a Woman’s Life

“I don’t have to cry. A man must be strong” a 6 year old boy tells me. I look at him and wonder for whom this kid should be so strong. “Who told you that?”. Turning his head around, he answers: “Grandma and mom”.

Mother’s life was not easy. Raised without a father and helping to raise her younger sisters, she matured too early. And the broken bond with her father, resentment against both mother and father made her literally survive both in the woman’s and man’s world.

Deep down, she has a hope that a strong man will come to help her in life and take some of her problems on himself. That’s how she’s unconsciously waiting for dad and at the same time makes projection of her expectations on her son.

With such an internal movement weak or not suitable men appear in a woman’s life. Men feel this and leave … and a woman affirmed in her position hopes that her son will definitely be strong.

As a result she doesn’t feel like a woman in the woman’s world and loses her feminine nature. It’s hard in the man’s world too. Looking for the strong man, she enters the man’s world without respect to it and with heavy feelings.

That is why I decided to include the constellation “Man’s and Woman’s World” to the Mistress of Destiny course. So that the participants could balance and find resources in two worlds. So that they could start a wonderful movement towards men, women and life.

Then, instead of requirements for the son she can transfer love to him. And he will carry this love further….

Strong man. What does this definition mean to you? The first three words that come to mind …

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