Success is a scary thing!

Success is a scary thing!

The thing is, you always want to repeat it and do it exactly the same way as before. To make that successful haircut again. To want to become the one who once attracted men’s attention.

For example, to build a successful career like before, only in a new place or even in a new country. With the same guarantees, expectations, and results. That’s what I stumbled upon. Holding onto the old and gone, trying to resurrect it, I couldn’t see my real success for a long time, the one I could rely on.

The world is constantly changing, and what brought in money, visibility, and yes, a previous success, doesn’t work anymore today. You want to call out, like one of my clients, and receive job offers with money in your pocket, but it doesn’t work. And you don’t know how to do it differently.

We always try to tell our best joke again, like a clown in a bad circus, but the audience has changed and no one understands our jokes anymore.

You might say, ‘but it worked before! Something must remain?!’ And I’ll tell you that it worked and will continue to work. Only not your idea of success in the past and how it should come together now.

Next week, there are a few spots available for individual online systemic constellation. With this approach, you can get answers to the following questions:

What success are you really holding onto, unable to let go of and trying to repeat?

What is behind your “not well-being” now?

What has blocked your potential and what will help you unleash it in this ever-changing world?

You not only get answers, but most importantly, you change the internal picture of what’s happening now. And that makes you more open to life and new personal successes.

Anyway, if you’re ready to go to a new success through new internal routes, you know where to start.

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