Suppressed Feelings


The suppression of feelings is the most common way in which we push feelings down and put them aside. We don’t know what to do with the feelings.

The feelings that we select to be suppressed is in accord with our programs that we carry within us from society and our family. The pressure of suppressed feelings is later felt as irritability, mood swings, tension in the muscles of the neck and back, headaches and other somatic conditions.


To keep the feelings suppressed we usually use the mechanism of projection. Instead of experiencing feelings we project them onto the world and those around us. So an external events only trigger what we have been holding down. “They made me angry”, “He got me upset”, “It scared me”.

Enormous amounts of energy are required to keep down the growing pressure of suppressed feelings. There is a progressive loss of creativity, energy, and real interest in others.

What happens instead when we let go of a feeling? Everyone knows that when we let go. We immediately feel better. There are improvements in skin colour, breathing, pulse, muscle tension. We feel happier, more loving and easy-going.

Now I invite you to take a few minutes for yourself. Just relax and close your eyes..Take a few deep breaths and when you are ready just ask: “How am I inside right now?”

Don’t answer. Just listen to your organism and feel whatever you find there.

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