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Unresolved issues from the past may cause the heart to shut down. If left unattended, this disruption in the flow of love, carried across generations, ripples into the shadows of the family landscape, often emerging as illness, emotional difficulties, and broken relationships

Systemic Constellations brings to light unconscious, hidden, elements that keep a particular suffering, limitation, illness, or trauma in place. It engage the unconscious and subconscious body memory and combine ancestral principles with Field technology to resolve limitations, symptoms, and relational challenges.

In the revealing of what has not before been seen, the re-establishing connectivity, disruptions may vanish and healing is inevitable.

As part of the constellations all participants step into a collective ancestral field of connection and healing. Statistically – 70% of participants find themselves with great improvements just from being present; without ever working a personal question.

That why In Person Systemic Constellations we will not be choosing focus clients in advance. We will gather together and work with what arises within the group as we move through that time.

Please note that this group process is not group therapy. There is no necessity of re-telling traumatic events in front of a group.

Next In-Person Systemic Constellations

December 10, 2023
Ready for a Shift: Systemic Constellations in Nanaimo BC

January, 2024
Yoni Constellations & Tantra for Women in Vancouver, BC
more details is coming soon

Cancellation Policy for Constellation Events: For Circles in person, 5 days notice is required to receive a refund. Online events 2 days notice is required to receive a full refund. Last minute cancellations are not refundable, such as cancelling the day of an online event or less than 5 days before an event in person.

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