Systemic Constellations for Small Businesses, Companies & Startups

Systemic Constellations for Small Businesses, Companies & Startups

Systemic Constellations for Small Businesses, Companies & Startups

Innovative way to Problem-Solving and Decision-Making

Using systemic constellations, you can easily get an overview of the situation as it is at the moment. Tensions that are preventing progress become visible immediately. You can see how things need to be changed to improve the functioning of the whole company. The systemic level is critical to success.

According to Klaus P. Horn and Regine Brick, constellations are a “tool that can depict complex interconnections and reciprocal effects in a clear and simple way… To profit from this method, you have to dethrone your rational mind as the sovereign ruler in ways of learning, problem solving and innovation…”

You can use them to:

– understand the nature of repeating problems and the real reason traditional methods fail at resolving them.

– identify what leads to success or failure

– solve problems by identifying the underlying issues around

  • the products
  • the clients
  • wealth and flow of money
  • the shareholders
  • the leadership
  • inheritance

– solve interpersonal conflicts

– solve conflicts

  • within your company
  • with the shareholders
  • with clients

– unleash creativity, get new ideas, see things from a fresh perspective.

– test several strategic options with your company and your clients, including the potential clients.

systemic constellations work can be done in two ways:

1. Online. One-on-One

On Zoom, you and I, as the facilitator, come together and we can set up your unique constellation for your business/your project/ your startup

Exchange: CAN $245 /1,5 hour

2. Online in a Group with Representatives

Up to 8 trained systemic constellations practitioners step into representation on behalf of your request, representing (holding space) for you, element of your company or inquiry (for example clients, money, a company, competitors, employees, partners, investors, the future tasks and etc)

Please note that this group process is not group therapy. There is no necessity of re-telling stories in front of a group

Exchange: CAN $245 / 1,5 hour

A date and time upon registration

A 15-minute meeting is available to you if you have any questions regarding this approach or your request.

…everyone together is running the organisation…It is not only those belonging to the organisation who participate in the success or failure; others also play a role – for example, the customers, the shareholders, the users, the competitors and perhaps foreign affiliates… Just as a glimpse into the unconscious may free people of suffering, the recognition of systemic barriers in a company can support the emergence of new solutions. Buried resources are freed up and cooperative work is facilitated. 

Klaus P. Horn and Regine Brick