Case Study: The Hidden Pain of Forgotten Talents and Potential

Case Study: The Hidden Pain of Forgotten Talents and Potential

Sometimes our talents, skilled and potential lie like a dead weight. It seems it’s good if they were totally forgotten. But that’s not always the case.

Not always, but often, they make themselves known:

– they start to manifest themselves through conflicts, both internally and externally,

– or energy sharply or gradually decreases. Everyday tasks become tasteless and nothing brings joy. Fatigue increases with each passing day,

– or we live as if we’re drafting our life and someday we’ll rewrite it cleanly. There would be joy and happiness then. Right now, we are too busy.

– or every day we think about how to save what we have now and not lose what we’ve accomplished,

– or we cling to every inch of stability, like a drowning person clinging to a piece of wreckage after a shipwreck,

– or we feel the heavy burden of something elusive yet so important that we lose sight of it again and again.

Day by day, forgotten talents and abilities remind us of their presence with “pain”, as if saying, “Is it time now?”

As we get older, the clearer we feel, hear, see their demand for space for realization becomes, for unfolding who we really are and what we’re capable of. But feeling the direction to move in becomes increasingly difficult. Obstacles, doubts, fears overwhelm us.

A curious question

What will arise in our life when we reconnect with our “forgotten” talents, potential and skills?

Systemic Constellations

In my experience there is more joy, happiness, and deep interest in life. It flows into our relationships, in our business, in our relationship with ourselves.

This is exactly what many people I work with are seeking.

Next Question

What difficulties are often encountered here?

I’ve found that much depends on making a decision at this point. “Do I reclaim my forgotten and lost potential, talents or not?”

During many constellations I saw how someone couldn’t move towards his inner true potential, lock talents and skills because of hidden loyalty to old patterns. He was not available to unlock his potential, be open to it.

Even if he said: “Yes, I am available to take back my lost potential”, his constellations revealed that his energy was drawn to another direction, towards his old pattern.

If someone truly wants to reconnect with his forgotten and lost potential, talents, I found he needs to take a risk stepping beyond the limits of the old pattern. In this case together we are able to find the right healing movement towards resolution. This is our growth.

Some of my clients honestly told me that they were not ready to leave their old pattern or hidden loyalty to a loved one which were revealed during their constellations. However, they have now decided to consciously endure suffering on behalf of a loved one, fully aware of the cost.

Inner Potential

You are always safe

You are always carried

You are always held

You are always guided

Trust in your heart

Trust in your strength

Trust in your light

Trust in yourself

Trust in the Unknown

Alexia Chellun


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