ThetaHealing in Victoria, BC

When you encounter a difficult issue in your life, a typical approach you might take is to address it head on, using your logical mind. This strategy often doesn’t resolve the problem; instead, you can become stuck in an obsessive thought loop.

Instead of repeating the same old ineffective approach I invite you to explore a different way to resolve your issues.  The ThetaHealing is a meditation-based approach that allows your mind, body and spirit to clear limiting beliefs and live life with positive thoughts, developing virtues in all that we do. Through meditation and prayer, the ThetaHealing Technique is pathway to create a positive lifestyle.

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What Can be Helped with the ThetaHealing Technique?

The ThetaHealing® technique gets to the energetic root cause of whatever requires balance in your life.  It is then through yourself, and the Creator of All That Is, that healing takes place.  

A practitioner is merely a channel to help you access your own wisdom and self limiting beliefs.  Whatever you are ready to release and heal will come forward in a session. Some issues can be cleared in one session, while others involve more time and patience.  

A few examples of imbalances that can be releaved with ThetaHealing® are:

  • You want to be happy with yourself, your partner, and your family. You realise that something is preventing you from experiencing that happiness, but you can’t figure out what it is.
  • You hate yourself. You believe that if you could fix yourself to become perfect, you would be happy, and your life would be one continuous ecstatic journey. The problem is, you don’t even know where to.
  • Your life is characterised by perpetual hard work, and your world is difficult and complex. You either have not been able to identify your needs, or you don’t feel safe enough to ask for those needs to be met.

If any of these scenarios speak to you, I invite you to experience a different approach to life’s challenges that doesn’t involve your logical mind. It will help you to unravel these challenges, and to embark up on the journey to a truly happy and fulfilled you.

A first time Thetahealing® session is generally 60 – 90 minutes in length and can be done  via Skype, Zoom, WhatApp or in-person. Most of my sessions are done long distance, and I work with clients word-wide in English and Russian languages.   

A full session helps you identify and release negative belief systems. It also brings to your conscious awareness, what you were leaning from this situation. 

Join me for ThetaHealing, and connect with the blessings of who you truly are.

What Clients Say About Ekaterina’ Facilitation for Healing

“I was concerned about my job, I didn’t know what kind job I want to have. I took three sessions with Ekaterina. Logically I wanted one job, but during sessions I connected with my body and found that I wanted to go to a totally different direction in my life. 

I realised that I didn’t choose this direction because of fears. I found these fears and negative beliefs during these sessions. What I understood that I need to trust myself, all answers are inside of me, and I am responsible for my all my choices in my life. It’s my power. Finally I received an offer from a company where I would like to work.       Anna M.”

“I had difficulties with my self-realisation and making a decision. I had several Thetahealing sessions with Ekaterina. She also gave me some body practices which I make in a regularly basis. At the beginning I felt a tension, I wanted to go out, but then I felt myself lighter. Results were not long in coming. I had insomnia and after sessions I start sleeping well and instantly. 

I have a lot of ideas and energy to integrate them in my life. I feel myself and my body better. It’s very essential to choose myself firstly instead of somebody. I saw that it’s very important to be honest with myself. It made me appreciate myself and my life.   Olga M.”

During the session I got the additional confirmation that my Soul chosen my parents  and they did all their best to help me resolve my issues and goals in my life.  Moreover I feel that I am grateful with them. It is not as if I have to be grateful with or my parents are saint and I must be grateful with them. I feel this sense from my heart. It’s natural and so important for me.    Tatyana S.”

“I am” – these words sounded as I was reborn again. I am 39 years old and it’s a bit strange to write this. I would be reborn all over again. Moreover to express myself freely, to not afraid of it. You know, it seems that it’s not important and not clear, but I have been living with the belief that ” Everyone was forgotten to tell that I was born”. This words “I am” “I exist”  are like a primal scream. I have all: mind, body, feelings, but I don’t have a permission to be in this world. I am here as if  I am a fake. 

“I am” – writing this text I am crying, I remember my life, my fear of being myself, it’s tears of the bitterness and resentment. The fact that I recognized that,  gives me the force. By these words I allow to express myself, my abilities, my desires. Existence responds:) I see lots of opportunities, people, situations. It seems as if red traffic light turn to green light.  

Katya, because of our work I am writing this testimonial. You are a channel of positive changes in life. I am pleased to meet you. I feel safe and very comfortable with you!  Thank you for your work!   Ekaterina S.

Well, I did get results from the Theta Healing for Money session!
At first I wondered if it had worked, as nothing seemed to shift. However…
I am truly in the flow now. 

– Last week I was contacted by the son of a received a friend who died 15 months ago, advising she had left me some money. Thought it might be $1000. It was $5000. Now this was lining up for me anyway, it seems. But it started a stream of other events. 
– Had 2 visits to my dentist and on the second visit for a smaller job costing $140, my dentist gave me a 50% discount! First time ever… 
– And yesterday, an old colleague, someone I worked with several years ago asked me to telephone him. The company we both worked for went downhill and money we both invested was lost. He told me he was doing so well financially and had received much help from others, that he was passing it on. In the form of Bitcoin. As he is receiving a handsome daily interest from his Bitcoin investment, he gifted me a very generous amount of Bitcoin. And set me up to have it make ongoing interest, on the same system he is using, that is doing so well for him.  
So, I now have the funds for a long overdue holiday to England and Scotland to visit friends not seen for 12 years.  And the Bitcoin I will leave to grow, and will use that for my retirement.
Needless to say, I am over the moon. And feel like I have truly turned a corner, financially. The Theta Healing belief work really did the trick!  
Thanks again! Joti Briant