Wings For Change

4 Systemic Coaching&Constellations Sessions

Wings for Change

If you feel stuck and need to clear the path for a project in the realms of work, love, security, or health to manifest in your life Or you are tired of the same and long for something new, embark on a journey with me.

Let’s spend 4 months together. We’ll dive deeper than surface-level growth and break down past hurts that might be holding you back. We’ll transform those tough emotions into fuel for your full potential. We all have residue from the past but the truth is your life doesn’t have to be defined by it.

Your journey of transformation includes 4 Systemic Coaching&Constellations Sessions and it will be specific to you and your goals, either personal or professional. To be used within four months of the date of purchase estimating one constellation&coaching session per month, however, there is always some flexibility based on your process so this isn’t set in stone.

The price is CAN $600, making the price CAN $150 per a session/1,5 hour instead of CAN $185 each/1,5 hour

There are three combinations available for using Wings for Change Intensive: 

  1. Four private online Constellations/Coaching arranged at a time that is convenient for both you and Ekaterina
  2. Two Constellations can be applied in a group online setting, and the two others used for private Constellations/Coaching
  3. One Constellation can be applied in a group online setting, and the three others used for private Constellations/Coaching

A 15-minute meeting is available to you if you have any questions regarding your healing request or if you’re unsure which combination to choose from the three options

Cancellation Policy for Wings for Change Package

2 days notice before the 1st session is required to receive a full refund.
2 days notice before the others constellations or coaching is required to receive a partial refund calculated as $600 – $185*n
n – the number of received constellations 
Last minute cancellations are not refundable, such as cancelling the day before a session