Systemic Workshop «How do you want to be loved»

How Do You Want To Be Loved?

How often this question is followed by a pause, a slight shudder in the body, a deep sigh, and sometimes tears.

I am interested in that pause, the body response, the exquisite raw emotion that said, “See me.” 

I want to know what happens in the gap between the asking and the answer.

This question is an invitation, and inquiry into a deeper, perhaps necessary conversation. 

Through  exercises  and Systemic Constellations, we will explore the “HOW” the WANT,” and what happens in your body and heart when you allow the question to settle. The answer may seem unfamiliar, strange, even shocking. At the same time it is somehow recognisable and heartwarming. The one you know without knowing.

Many books are written on the topic, however a genuine answer is within. When it gets discovered, we can allow our partners in.

The workshop is limited to 8 participants. 4 spots are available now.

Exchange: 45 CAN

Please feel free to write me on WhatsApp to receive further info on how to register.

Facilitated by Ekaterina Kosorukova.

A qualified Systemic Constellation Facilitator with a background in coaching, somatic, counselling systemic approaches.

Systemic, Organisational & Family Constellations member of ISCA.