Your Weekly Message from Your Ancestors

Ancestral Wisdom: Your Weekly Message

To receive guidance, it’s essential to learn how to pose questions to our ancestors and frame them clearly.

What inquiries do you wish to make of your Ancestors?
Take a deep breath, center yourself, and select the card that calls out to you


In addition to nurturing the growth of plants and trees, what else are you cultivating in your life? Are you sowing seeds of love and care, nurturing these with your blessing and intention?

Are you paying attention to how you affect others? Do you support their growth emotionally mentally and spirituality? What about yourself? Are you tending to your own personal garden, allowing it to flourish in ways that support your spiritual growth and awareness.

It’s time to examine ways you ignore or inhibit your spiritual growth and take measures that will cultivate your Soul’s path. Grow a plant from seed and observe how you feel when you pay consistent attention to this living being’s needs. Sing to her, water her, send your prayers and watch what Happens.


Coming through periods of suffering and loss that are inherent part of life, you’ve learned your lessons and found your way into a profound appreciation of a greater depth and meaning as to what life is all about.

You have come full circle. And now you have available to you both of these qualities operating in a synergetic balance available to be called upon as needed.

Cast off the shroud of fear, open  your heart,  speak your truth and allow wisdom to be the inner Elder that sits at the same table as the Innocent.

As you heed the messages you receive from both you’ll find that you are able to navigate through life is much greater ease.


Keep it simple and don’t fall in love with your words.

You have a tendency to complicate your verbal and written expression with too many awards visit net effect of clouding with your trying to communicate.

You have a tendency to complicate your verbal and written expression with too many words, with the net effect of clouding what you’re trying to communicate.

Sort through them to find the most precious phrase for what you are trying to convey, be patient and trust that by paying attention in real life in what you want to write will come naturally.

Take a risk too, such as expressing yourself through poetry, short stories and anecdotes. Experiment with different styles – you will no doubt find some interesting and creative expressions.


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