The Systemic Rituals Circle. Online.

Online Systemic Rituals Circle

As a passionate advocate for holistic well-being, I have chosen to facilitate the Systemic Rituals Circle to create a sacred space where participants can embark on a transformative journey.

This Circle is a unique blend of ancient rituals and systemic intelligence, designed to foster soul-body-mind alignment.

What to Expect in the Circle

This Circle serves as a pathway for all participants to tap into resources without causing harmresources that bring forth energy, strength, and solutions previously beyond reach.

Moreover, the essence of Systemic Ritual is unique; it doesn’t solely focus on the problem and details of a situation. Instead, it provides a structure that allows participants to experience wholeness instead of fragmentation, a sense of being supported rather than standing empty-handed. It’s not about direct problem-solving but about creating a profound sense of unity.

What do You Need for This Circle

You would need to have a few things ready at the beginning:

  • A minimum of about 40 little pebbles, size about 1 to 1,5 cm each. They can be of different colors, or all the same. Some people prefer to use semi-precious stones, others just the plain grey pebbles that are used in gardening or for pathways. I have sometimes seen people use small seashells instead, or other small natural objects all more or less of the same size, so these could also be an option.
  • 4-5 flower buds. We will need petals.

The Systemic Rituals Circle offers you a 90-minute online session via Zoom, providing a profound soul-body-mind experience.

The Systemic Rituals Circle is Wednesday, May 15th, from 6:30 pm – 8 pm PST – fully booked

Next Date & Time – TBD

Only CAN $19

Hi! I’m Ekaterina, facilitating this incredible circle.

I’m interested in finding resource and lightness where there seems to be none. To make a difficult issue pliable and digestible.

In ritual we can go beyond the problem without trauma through the metaphorical, archetypical space of symbols and energies. We gain contact with a resource that we have not seen or had access to.

This Systemic Rituals Circle is like a symbolic dance, a way to reconnect with our roots—ancestors, family, and more. When we feel inner pain, the instinct might be to cut ties, thinking it’ll solve everything. But real change happens when we see those connections, reestablish them instead of breaking away.

All are Welcome!

Cancellation Policy for Constellation Events: Online events 2 days notice is required to receive a full refund. Last minute cancellations are not refundable, such as cancelling the day of an online event.