Case Study: Encounter with the Heart Power (exercise with two person)

Heart Power accompany the Participants through in-person Systemic Constellations

I got to know the basic model of these exercises with Daan van Kampenhout and  Siegfried Essen in 2021.

It’s the partner exercise. The pairs agree who starts to take over the representation of the heart power first.

As in Constellations, the person leads her heart power to a place which seems now suitable for her. After this she searches for her own suitable place.

I then usually ask them to look at each other and notice what kind connection the person and his or her heart power have. There is no talking during this exercise.

After 2 minutes, I asked the Heart Power Representative to speak just 1-3 words to the person to whom this Heart Power belongs.

1 minute of sharing before switching positions.

Experience report of One Participant (a woman):

I suddenly realized that I don’t fully trust my heart. I’m afraid to disturb it. For the first time, I saw how big and powerful it is and that it’s right here, always by my side. I can even lean on it. In that moment, I felt that I’m not alone.

Experience report of One Participant (a woman):

I had never before gathered experience with Heart Power in constellation work. What touched and surprised me extraordinary was how fast I was able to embody the Heart Power. I felt myself so big and very at ease with it. Again and again the same words came up: “Trust”. “Trust”. “Let yourself go and trust me”.

Both reports, the first from the view of the focus, the second from the view of the representative of the heart power, show how exercise makes resources accessible, being seen and heard. During the Circles, one could see that the support through the heart power really works.

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